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What Types of Content Will Successfully Boost Your Traffic?

When it comes to running a business with an online presence, it’s a must have for every company to have an engaging, well-written content. The way how you communicate with your customers determines whether they want to stay with you or not. And everybody knows how valuable loyal fans are. However, your content should be always driven by things that you want to achieve. So, if your goal is to drive more traffic to your site or blog you are in a good place. Here are 5 types of content that people love to see and share.

1. How-to Articles

Explaining how to do something isn’t anything new but yet still attracts a lot of people. It’s easy to read and well… it’s helpful – as long as it gives solutions to the problems that your customers are really looking for. Moreover, it also has a great long tail search potential. Think, how many times have you written “How to” questions in a search engine. Bingo! How-to articles will boost not only your traffic but also your SEO efforts. Just remember to write about popular and current problems that your audience is facing and keep it simple and easy to read – break the text up by checklists, bullets, diagrams, pictures, etc.

Check out the “Just Be You: Inspirational Quote” project on the Michael’s website:

Boost Your Traffic Example: Micheal’s How-To Article
This how-to article not only explains how to do DIY project in an easy to follow steps but also has great CTAs.

2. Infographics

Do you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? No wonder that infographics (graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge) are 30 times more likely to be read than text. We are visual creatures and it’s easier for us to process information that way. Infographics are appealing, easy to understand and have a great viral potential. You can communicate almost every idea with them – especially share the data, research, findings and statistics. However, keep in mind that infographics aren’t cheap and nowadays, everybody uses them. If you want to distinguish your brand, you have to come up with something really good. Have you heard about gifographic (animated infographics)? Check out the examples: Cheetah by Jacob O’Neal or How Google works by Quick Sprout.

Boost Your Traffic Example: National Ocean Service’s Infographic
Here you can see a conventional example of infographic from National Ocean Service website.

3. Memes

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to communicate with your customers? Well, say hello to memes. They are easy to make (use Meme Generator or Quick Meme), people love their hilarious humor and they can easily go viral. It’s a simple and effective traffic driver. Generally, you don’t want to use them on your website but social media? Yes, yes, yes. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms will help you spread the memes to the broad audience and give you a lot of likes and shares. Just don’t overuse them. Memes can sometimes carry a low value and when you use them wrong, they can backfire.

Let’s take a look at a meme created by Ruffles last summer:

Boost Your Traffic Example: Ruffles’ Meme
The potato chip company launched a campaign pairing their salty snack with barbecue. They encouraged their audience to post photos of their grilling tips, tricks and fails using hashtag #GrillChillEntry.

4. Lists

Don’t you love reading articles that includes a list? “Top 10 Reasons to Move to San Diego”, “20 Things You Should Not Tell Your Mother-in-Law”, “5 Types of Content That Will Boost Your Traffic”. Hey, you are reading the last one right now. No matter if they are fun or serious, positive or negative, with round or odd numbers. Numbered lists are popular, easy to read and very likely to be retweeted, liked and shared. And one more thing. People like them because they know from the very beginning what they’re going to get. Have you ever seen the title that had nothing to do with an article and its main goal was to trick you into clicking? Horrible, right? With lists you know what the article will be about and how long it will take to read it – more or less.

Take a look at the most read articles from The Chromologist website:

Boost Your Traffic Example: The Chromologist's Lists
Top 3 most read articles? Lists!

5. Videos

Do you know that 78% of people watch videos online every week? Nowadays, we don’t have time or we’re just too lazy to read super long articles or product descriptions. Videos are ease to consume and are able to keep your attention longer. For that reasons, the use of video in content marketing is growing. It’s projected to represent over 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019 (for the US – over 85%). Well-done video can be really persuasive and memorable. Remember,  it’s not only about moving picture, but also about a valuable content itself. A good script is essential – keep it interesting, relevant and not too long. Take a look at REI’s Osprey Kyte 46 Pack – Women’s Video. Instead of reading long product description, we can see a backpack “in action”.


Content should provide some kind of value to your audience so they want to stay with you longer. It should make them feel that they’ll miss something if they don’t engage with you (click, read, watch, like, share). You’ve read about 5 types of content that will help you drive your traffic. Do you have to implement them all to your strategy? Yes, no, maybe some. It all depends if they suit your brand. Think about your audience, think about your company’s values, the messages you want to share. The more types of relevant content you use, the more you can gain.

Check out the “5 Types of Content That Will Boost Your Traffic” presentation:


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