Blogging- 5 ways to channel your internal content

The Content in YOU

You are full of Content!

Blogging relevant content can seem like a daunting task full of writer’s block. I want to focus on my 5 ways to make blogging easier by channeling your internal content.





  1. You are a blogging expert

Yep, that’s right. You are an expert at something. During your journey through life you have obtained knowledge, skills, and abilities that some people just don’t have – this makes for an easy blog. So, think of a recipe that was handed down from Grandma and share it. Maybe you know how to tune a Grand Piano. Perhaps you have opinions on going to grad school for Marketing and if it’s worth it. You may be surprised when you offer how to do something, or advice on a topic, what the response may be.


  1. Mingle

Get involved in activities that you are interested in and check out or the like. You can learn from others relating to your interests and continue researching if needed to share your new found relevant knowledge. Maybe it’s dog training meet ups, photography techniques, marketing strategies – you will be surprised at how much fun these meet ups can be, and how much information and content you will walk away with for your next blogging adventure.


  1. Current News

Everyone loves controversy and current news flashes can give you a lot to blog about. You may already receive those annoying Bloomberg News Alerts – so go ahead and dig in. Find something where you see a contradiction, a false statement, or just a really Bad idea that’s been released through the news. It’s up to you how much of your own opinion and where your opinion lies with in the topic so try to not make it too HOT – but don’t be scared to put yourself out there.


  1. Start Conversations

I meet people everyday – could be at the dog park, standing in line at the post office, the grocery store etc. A conversation starts, usually a relevant observation, an opinion and soon enough we are sharing and asking questions from each other. It’s really that easy, you just need to pay attention and think of the conversation as future content for blogs. Remember, everyone likes to talk about them selves – you just have to ask.


  1. Try Something New

Would you read about a parachuting dog?

Do something daring for the first time in your life and document it for fun and easy blogs. Maybe you have been looking to jump from a plane, or a wild zip-line is more your style. Maybe you are shy and today is the day your are going to start a conversation with a stranger at the book store. This would be a great opportunity to share your blogs with a Before and After. Hey, I would read it.


These are easy ways to think of blogging because it comes from you, and really dosen’t require a lot of research. Writer’s block will become a thing of the past and you will probably be kicking out interesting blogs in 30 minutes or less.

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