Don’t create content that doesn’t help you to grow!

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Don’t just create content to fill in your blog or other content channels. Instead be smart and use content that can help to enhance your business. Social media and SEO (search engine optimization) goes hand in hand. SEO data helps you to improve your social media efforts, whereas social media can help to increase your search rankings. Why writing something that doesn’t even help you to attract more traffic to your social media channels or website?

SEO SEO target audiencedata should be the source of your content, since it provides bunch of information about your target audience: who they are, how they search for things, what keywords they’re using and what sites they’re surfing. The goal of your content creation is to provide the information that your target audience needs and searches for!


Keywords – Do you know what they search?

In order to increase your brand presence and visibility in the Google ranking you need to understand which terms are being used. These terms are the ones that interests your target audience therefore your content should cover these terms. This is where SEO gets into the game. It is important to know the most frequent search queries related to your brand.

Right toolsMost of the time, the best insights come from discussions about your niche on general, but not a specific product. That is to say that, you need to search for the keywords you want to target in organic and paid search and use them in your content in order to get social media awareness.

When you discover these keywords, you can set alerts to do a daily search on various social networks like Twitter and Facebook to get interesting insight from your niche. Then it is just to build content around these keywords.

Tools to learn about your keywords  MOZ or Mention.


Competitor insights- Why reinventing the wheel?

Sometimes the wheel could be invented by your competitors. Determine who your competitors are, and which companies have a similar audience with an effective content strategy. By analyzing how your business ranks in your niche, you can easily set goals for your social media campaign.

There is many tools that will help you to define where the best competitors write about and where it’s getting shared the most. This approach allows you to not only build your content strategy, but also improve your social media efforts.

Tool to look at your competitors SEranking

Viral trends-2

Trends- Google offers all the hot topics

There is lots of data available to use for marketers. When creating content take a look at the trends and identify what topics are hot for a specific period of time. You should modify your social media content based on most popular queries, this will help your content to stay relevant for your customers. You will be able to design your content in a more fun and attention-grabbing manner.

Google is making lots of its data available for everyone, Google Trends, Google Trends for Websites as well as Google Insights for Search.  These are just few tools you can use in order to stay up to date.

Look at one of the many trend tools from Google trends





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