4 Steps To Meaningful Content

Meaningful Content

Meaningful Content?

How does one define Meaningful Content? How do companies connect with customers today on a meaningful level? What is the best medium to create meaningful content? Is it enough to “just sell” product over the internet? Do customers feel like they have to be emotionally connected to their purchase? These are many questions companies ask themselves over the course of creating their brand content.

For some companies, content is the end all, be all. Their identity is defined by the content they produce. Most companies that focus on their content prove to be successful. Below illustrates the top 4 steps to enhance meaningful content in today’s society.

Step 1: Have An Authentic Story

Most brands exist to fill a need.  A small subset of those brands have a story to tell why they are around. Creating an authentic story, to create meaningful content, takes your brand to the next level. Meaningful content creates stories that make the company more than a brand and end up connecting with the customer on a deeper level.

Take Toms for example, while they have many products in their line, they are most known for their content around their story. Most everyone can connect with their story of one for one. You buy a product, they will give a product away to a person in need. This story is bigger than the brand itself.

Meaningful Content
1 Cup of Coffee = 1 Day of Safe Water for a Person in Need

You might not know that Toms sells coffee, but you would assume that every coffee sold, something is given to someone in need. This perception is based on their effective content.

Step 2: Grow Awareness

The next step to enhancing meaningful content is to grow awareness of your brand’s story. Not everyone is going to know your brands story at first. There are many different mediums to start growing awareness; social media, blog posts, YouTube, etc. Focusing on your brands story creates trust and thought. You could be a new brand, or a brand that has been around for years, trying to find a new meaningful message that connects. Growing awareness requires meaningful content.

Take Cadillac as an example. During the 2017 Oscars, they debuted a new commercial aimed at connecting Americans through times of political adversity. The commercial focuses on where Americans persevere together, rather than tear each other apart, while only mentioning the brand,Cadillac, at the end. Watch here: Cadillac’s “Carry”.

Step 3: Make A Connection 

While sharing your companies story is a great way to start to embracing the brand culture, it is not enough. Engaging customers and making a connection with them is the next step to creating meaningful content. One never knows the depth of their content without hearing from others.  Connection, or engagement, can be found in many different forms -social Media interaction, shares, likes, and comments all show engagement at the highest level.

Creating meaningful content, creates authentic connection and commutation between the brand and consumer.

Step 4: Make A Difference

Finally, to enhance your meaningful content, you must be actively trying to make a difference. This must be visible and relevant to the consumer, so there is no question what your message is. Content can range from a simple Instagram post, like the below, to a full blog stating the companies initiatives.

100% of Black Friday Sales go to grassroots Environmental Groups
100% of Black Friday Sales go to grassroots Environmental Groups

In Conclusion…

Creating meaningful content proves you are an authentic storytelling brand. With this, you will gain and retain a customer base that fully follows and trusts your vision for the future.  They become customers for life believing you will make a difference. Meaningful content can be hard to create, but once the voice of the brand is found, the meaningful content will last with the customer forever.

Meaningful Content

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