Uploading YouTube Videos For Max Views

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

How to Upload YouTube Videos For Max Views in 7 Butt-Kicking Steps

Are you ready to make your investment pay off and get max YouTube views?

Yes, of course!  It’s been a ton of work to produce this video and it’s time to make it count.  The challenge at this stage, especially if you’ve been wearing all hats, is burnout.  You’ve completed dozens if not hundreds of decisions and tasks to finish the video and you desperately want to hit upload, call it done and hope that YouTube works its magic and your video gets a boatload of views.

It’s time to take a breather, acknowledge the success of creating the video and get ready for the second phase.  Wait, what … a second phase?  Yes, and it’s actually a lot of fun! 

The second phase is where you bring your “video to market” by getting it in front of your desired audience.   We’re going to talk about how to do this by reviewing what Vlogger and YouTuber extraordinaire Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social has to say.  So grab your favorite beverage and discover what you need to do to get your video across the finish line and in front of your target audience.  

  1.  Keyword or Phrase Research

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

It all starts here.   Before you take another step you need to know if there is a demand for your topic.  Ideally, you will have done this before you created the video.  If not, kind of a bummer, but do it next time. Either way, use it to help prepare keywords or phrases that people are searching for.  If they’re relevant to your topic you can use them for the next step.  There are several free tools, just Google “YouTube Keyword research.”  You can get started with Keywordtool.io/youtube or Tubebuddy, a Chrome extension to get a feel for how they work.

2.  Prepare Metadata and a Custom Thumbnail

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

YouTube’s algorithms are the second audience to consider since your video has to make it past the technology that is processing 300 hours of video every minute.  You can help yourself by making it easier for YouTube’s gatekeeper to properly categorize your video.  This gatekeeper is an algorithm and the language it speaks is metadata.  For your video to be found by your audience,  it has to be in the right section, where viewers would expect it to be.   This is the time to gather your keyword research and plan the video’s headline, description, and tags.

To stand out from the competition, you’ll need to create a custom thumbnail.  Don’t let YouTube auto-generate one for you,  it won’t be pretty; it will either be irrelevant and random or it will resemble a DMV or Costco Membership photo at best.  No, this won’t do.  It’s time to be strategic and think about standing out from the competition.  Think about scrolling through Netflix or the checkout line at the grocery store.  How do you make your choices?  Your potential viewers do the same thing when deciding to watch a YouTube video.  Follow the pro’s lead and create a high quality, attractive thumbnail that represents your content and shows less than 3 people, ideally one closeup face.  

The next tip is to make it easier for viewers as they’re scanning through videos; add text to the thumbnail.  Keep it brief, a supermini headline with large, legible font.  This reinforces that this video is what the viewer is looking for and will answer a question.  

3.  Upload video with metadata and thumbnail

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

As automated as the whole video upload process may appear, resist the urge to put it on autopilot and walk away.   Stay put and monitor the upload.  Add the metadata and thumbnail before the process is complete for best results.

4.  Review video for errors

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

When you’re creating your video, part of the post-production process involves checking for errors.  It’s a given that errors happen, so don’t fret, you’ll need to scan multiple times to smooth out the edges.  You’ll catch mistakes you didn’t see before and it’s best to have a second or third pair of eyes to review the video.  This is important after the upload also.  Video upload is not a perfect process.  Stuff can happen in transmission that produces unintended results.  This is the time to catch and fix mistakes.

5.  Add Cards and End Screen

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

What is it about binge-watching and why does it seem that we can’t get enough of our favorite shows?  Who knows, but why not tap into this behavior by encouraging viewers to stay on your site and give them a reason to keep watching?  Cards and endscreens  are two YouTube tools that can help keep viewers tuned it and coming back.  Although YouTube allows up to 5 cards, keep it to one or two, because anymore can be distracting.  Think strategically about the endscreen message.  Do you want to promote other videos, encourage subscription, or both?  What message will encourage the viewer to stay interested and engage?

6.  Comment on the video

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

The comment section is where things come alive, dialogue happens, and viewers interact with one another.  It’s important to throw out the welcome mat and let viewers see your comment under the video, especially in the early stages of building an audience.   Viewers will see you’re there to engage in conversation and are interested in what they have to say.

If someone posts a negative comment and it’s a legitimate customer complaint, promptly engage, keep it light and professional and offer to resolve this issue offline.   This can be turned into a positive as you differentiate your brand as responsive and demonstrate that your door is open.

7.  Publish, Share, and Comment More 

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

Rather than leaving views to chance, you can hustle to get your video seen by more viewers.  Unless you’re lucky, lots of views won’t happen on their own.  Hard work isn’t glamorous, but it’s effective with a good strategy.

Have you ever seen your favorite actors on talk shows discussing their latest project?  Why do they do it?  Because they have a movie, show or event to promote – these celebrities work the talk show circuit, post on social media, and go on podcasts or radio; in short, they move to the second phase of the project, doing what it takes to get your attention and butt in the seat!

Since this works for the big guys, why not take a page from their playbook for your videos?  Prior to hitting publish on YouTube or right after, take your custom thumbnail with text, a catchy headline and post it on your social media channels.  A solo hyperlink without an image won’t cut it here.  The goal is to take up visual real estate in social media feeds; therefore, compelling visuals and copy are a must to help drive traffic to your video.  What words can you use to build up some excitement and anticipation?  If you have an email list, let them know about the video.

And what about the comment section, after you’ve posted your introductory comments and engaged initially?  Follow the celebrity lead…keep the conversation going, answering questions, engaging viewers a.k.a. doing your thing as you begin to build a following.  

Here are a couple of Dwight approved bonuses to help you do a roundhouse.

Uploading YouTube Videos for Max Views

Bonus #1 – “Uploading YouTube Videos for Maximum Views” Infographic 

Uploading YouTube Videos For Max Views















Bonus #2 – “Uploading YouTube Videos for Maximum Views”  SlideShare

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