Visual Content Success in 3 Steps

Visual content rules
That’s the word on the street.

What Makes Great Visual Content?

Creating successful content that engages your audience and grabs their attention is not always an easy task. Sometimes it can get frustrating figuring out the best way to really reach your target. We often hear visual content rules. But what does that really mean?

Everyday we are exposed to more information and it is getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard. By following these tips from experts you will learn how to get the attention you need by using visuals that provide easy to digest content while tapping into the real wants and needs of your audience.

Statistic on visual content
People remember what they see not hear!

1. Make It Authentic

“Visual content that works most effectively never feels corporate, inauthentic, or like it’s a stock visual.”Rand Fishkin, Moz founder 

The first real obstacle in creating authentic visuals for your content is knowing your actual audience. Know their questions and where and how they search for answers. Figure out what they really desire and need so you have a real idea of what moves them.

Using original photography and graphics whenever possible is a good way to show your authentic self. At the very least, make sure to customize images to make sure they further communicate your key message and show a unique point of view.

Don't hassle me I'm a local t-shirt

Gain further trust by thinking of visuals as a second headline. Try going local and using points of interest and locations easily recognizable to the that audience.

Using infographs is another great tool that can communicate boring or hard to understand data. It can help inspire thought and sharing on a topic that might normally be ignored. This can also help build authenticity since sharing info of real value shows expertise in your field.

“Infographics are “liked” and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content.” (Source)

infographic showing statistics about infographs
Yes, an infograph about infographs.

2. Stop Them in Their Tracks

Pugs in line in a snow behind a corgi.
Well, you got my attention now.

“Great visual content should be clean, aesthetically pleasing and quick to read.”Lina Wang, CEO at Eight Shots 

In order to separate from the masses, you must be creative yet still provide value. Make sure to keep it simple, clear and focus on clearly communicating one key message.

Try not to get distracted.

The popularity of Micro-videos (:05 – :30) are growing and they are a great tool that can work for all business sizes. They can provide an easy way to share how-to demonstrations of a complex topic. Live video, especially on Facebook and animated gifs are other visuals that add interest to your content.

One thing to remember when using video is it must be mobile friendly. To interrupt your target market and get their attention, you must give them what they want-where they need it!

3. Finish The Job

“Creating effective visual content is a combination of using the right tools and testing the content on different networks.”Jeff Bulles, Founder of 

Creating the content is just the first step! Know your marketing goals and know how to measure them. Once you have established what you want your content to accomplish, whether it is sharing, commenting, gathering emails, signing up for newsletters, etc… You will need to constantly evaluate them by measuring social engagement, longevity, bounce rate, traffic rate, traffic source and other metrics. This will allow you to evolve with your customers and make sure you are still providing them valuable, useful information.

Graphic of 90% of information to the brain is visual.
Again with the statistics. Have I made my point yet?

What Does it All Mean?

In reality, including any visuals with your content will help engagement. But remember- visual content is like a first impression. If you make a good one, it can help quickly gain trust and authenticity with your target audience. If it is a bad one, well, you may just get remembered for all the wrong reasons!

Since we are talking about visual content, check out and share this slide show below.

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